Give your dolls a new life
With Dolls clothes
that ooze style!

To come alive, a doll needs a story and... a dress! but too many end up naked, abandoned at the bottom of a drawer. Not any more! We created Fashionette to give them a new life. We launched our first collection in 2010 and have been renewing it regularly since then to follow little girls imagination with new models...

Each Fashionette garment is hand-made with great attention to details and finish.   We use the same high quality fabrics as those found in grown up pret-a-porter.  

Our outfits fit 11.5inches fashion dolls like Barbie, Disney princesses, Steffi, Liv dolls etc., but we also have a collection for 10inches Moxie and Monster High dolls and very soon we will launch our new collection for the 34cm Corolle, Jolina Ballerina, Nicoletta...

Who are the designers? Our unique designs are not only created by up-and-coming young creators from the best Fashion schools in Paris and London but also by the little girls who won our monthly fashion design competition (see below) !

As a result, our collections of mini garments ooze style and originality.  What will it be today? A glamorous gown for a ball at the Royal Palace?  A trendy jacket to meet up around a cup of tea?  A lovely coat for the winter? Or the very chic beach set for a week on a beautiful island?  

With Fashionette, dolls are ready to follow any story little girls may dream.


How do we do it?


We create beautiful outfits with top quality fabrics that are meant to last.

Each prototype takes long hours and dedication. Its small dimensions require a very specific know-how and equipment.  Our seamstresses are therefore highly skilled workers. We also do very thorough research to find the right fabrics for each model.  

The care we bring to the whole process insures that our products are of outstanding quality.



Dream, invent, play with style!

When girls play with their dolls, they identify with them and create a world where they mix reality and fiction.  As they imagine new situations, they need the right outfits to go along the story.  And we think it should be in style!

By offering a large choice of garments, we allow them to mix them up and recreate new combinations, which not only develops their creativity but also their taste. They become real stylists when THEY decide what to wear.

Fashionette opens the world of fashion to young girls.

Our aim is not to turn them into shopaholic fashion victims but to develop their creativity, their sense of style and offer them more choice to follow their imagination.


Fashionette sponsors creativity

Every month, Fashionette organizes a fashion design competition.


Participants from all over the world send us their own unique fashion designs. The drawings are displayed online and the one that gathers most votes is converted into a real outfit and added to our collection.

However, those who didn't win the competition have a second chance to be selected as we keep all the drawings we receive and regularly pick one up to become the next Fashionette outfit!


We are very proud to give to all our talented young designers the opportunity to see their creations made for real!


Fashionette and the brands

What could be cooler for a little girl than to be dressed like her doll?

Since 2011, we work with children clothes labels to re-create some of their models in doll size. Our unique know-how insures that all the brand's garments details are well replicated and our quality is up to their expectations. Those adorable miniatures come in limited series and are a great success: brands trust us, girls and mums love it -- even collectors ask for more!




A French mother of 3, living in London, Caroline imagined Fashionette while preparing the milk bottles for the baby, changing the nappies and contemplating the dozens of naked dolls which were filling the toy boxes. She is in charge of the collections, the marketing and communication as well as new concepts and ideas.


A born entrepreneur, ex banker in the City in London. Charles is our finance and commercial eminence and is working on turning Fashionette into an international business success story...!


Our e-commerce expert. Olivier takes care of our online channels and our website.


She is the other super talented illustrator who designs all the characters and the beautiful illustrations which make Fashionette's universe.

Robabee and Sophie from Agence Allez

Both designed and co-illustrated the website.

New Designs and Concepts Committee

Josephine (8 years), Ana (8 years), Ortanse (5 years), Bella (9 years), Maya (13 years), Elie (14 years) Georgia (18 years) and all the girls in HPS Year 3 are the approbation committee for the new designs and concepts..

And for the personal touch Caroline is Charles's sister and Olivier's wife... So to make a long story short, it is a family business...!